Deals for $5 - Rules & Guidelines

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Jul 24, 2019
If you'd like to find a deal for $5, then you may find various types of deals our members have to offer within this section. Or, if you'd like to sell a service or item for $5 then you can create a FREE thread in our Deals for $5 section. We don't charge a cent to use the section, nor do we take any commission.

Any deals in this section is done directly between buyer/seller.

If you're offering a service or item, try making your thread title make people want to visit your thread and see what you have to offer. Use a neat layout and post what your service is about, what payment methods you accept, time frame of completion and any discounts if any. You can use the following titles, if you wish to (not mandatory);

"Only $5 - ....."
"... - $5 only! - Limited time only"
"... - Only $5 - It can't get any lower!"
"... - Discounted at $5!"
"I'd do ... for $5"
"$5 off .... service"

Overwhemled with orders?
Don't forget to mention the amount of orders you have so that others are aware how long it'll take if they place an order.

Good luck in making quick bux!
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